- Machinery Structure -

On the level of equipment such as motorized conveyors, or of complete projects with artificial vision, the Cosinus team is able to establish technologically advanced equipment with the aim of increasing the productivity of your production line.

Overhead conveyor

16-foot-large conveyor built to measure, adapted and synchronized with the existing machinery.

Swinging conveyor

16-foot-large conveyor installed between two existing machines in order to ensure an appropriate transfer between these devices.

Overhead travelling crane structure

Certified robust structures according to the load capacities wished by the customer


Designed and manufactured in order to be able to support up to 50 000 lbs on a range of more than 30 feet, this mezzanine makes it possible to optimize the floor space of your factory while ensuring a sedentary passage for the workers and forklifts below it.

Transfer system

Parts transfer system from an arriving conveyor to a high temperature oven.

Mezzanine and bulk material support

Supporting structure for metal-powder bulk bags weighing 4 000 lbs.

Adjustable to the upstream device incline changes.

No fastener on the building structures

Compact control system with optical and inductive sensors

Motorisation with variable speed, synchronised with the complete process.

Adjustable height at every 4 inches.

Safe enclosure with easy access to machinery.

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