- Health and Safety -


Calculation and design of various anchor systems for the workers having to carry out maintenance on the overhead travelling cranes

Forklift guard ramps

Nowadays, no companies can take the risk of having one of its worker wounded. Thus, Cosinus helps the manufacturing companies to find solutions which are accessible, sedentary and which respects all the standards.

Carding machine covers

Sedentary lids of protection allowing a fast access at the time of the maintenance actions of the maintenance actions

This tool was developed in order to allow the loading of open trailers using a lifting truck

Lifting system allowing maintenance of forklifts

With a capacity of 20 000 lb, this tool largely facilitates the maintenance of the lifting trucks

The modules encase one into the other in order to preserve the rigidity of the rails at the junctions

Snow clearance footbridge

Design of a safety snow clearance footbridge equipped with a 60 ft continuous safety cable

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