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Inspection lid

Development of a sealing lid out of composite materials

Thickness measurement device

As far as equipments or products, our efforts are always directed towards the creation of value for our customers.

Textile thickness measurement in a continuous process, at a speed of 98 ft/min.

Width control device

Needle guidance system for laboratory research

Mechanism allowing to resist tractive efforts of 600 lbs

Towing tool for forklift

LThe COS180 enables you to maximize the use of your unloading docks and increases the number of trailers which can be loaded every day.

With the COS180, you largely improve your flexibility towards the conveyors starting and finishing time.

More accessible and easier maintenance than a truck, the COS180 allows you a maximum use of your current resources.

Vertical axis wind turbine

Vertical axis wind turbine development

Wear and corrosion resistant

Practically no maintenance required

Tremendous aerodynamics properties  properties

Very resistant in corrosive environments

Lockless locking system

Plasti-Moules Concept

Mechanical compensation of the pressure applied on the textile material

User interface with graphic results

The COS180 from Cosinus®, which is a towing tool that makes it possible to move trailers with a forklift.

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