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Formerly reserved for the car industry, the industrial robots takepart more and more in the technological advance of SME. Initially used for painting and welding, one counts today more than 20 000 possible applications. Indeed, the robots can achieve without slackening any repetitive tasks of precision


 Grinding and polishing

 Handling of various parts

 Cleaning parts

 3D precision cutting

 Component assembly

 Drilling of complex parts

High potential applications

The robotized welding cell Perform Arc

 Development of cell according to the customer's needs

 Addition and management of additional axis for the fixture

Video of pipes welded with a MIG Panasonic TAWERS robot in a Cosinus welding cell.

Establishment of automated production cell  

Modification of the manufacturing process in order to allow the integration of robots welders

 Design and fabrication of dedicated jig

Dedicated welding cell dédiéDedicated welding cell

Two stations welding cell for different kind of pieces

In-board cell for bridge crane moving

Space optimazing cell with a two sides load-unload system

Already implanted process

MIG Steel

TIG Steel

MIG Aluminium

TIG Stainless steel

Partners in robotic:



Presented at Salon industriel de Québec 2008 edition

Presented at Salon industriel de Québec 2006 edition

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