- Workshop drawings -


General purpose excavator, light and compact equipped with a unique system of rotation.

Factory layouts

If we think of a complete project or only the realization of workshop drawings starting from your concepts, our competences in terms of mechanical manufacturing enables us to simplify the fabrication process and also to detect and correct the possible difficulties of realization, the whole with an aim of providing a quality product, with added value.

Carding machine covers

Sedentary lids of protection allowing a fast access at the time

of the maintenance actions.

3D validation of different obstruction and interferences

Overhead travelling crane structure

 3D modeling of critical zones in order to facilitate the installation of the structures through equipment already in place.

installation of the structures through equipment already in place.

Certified robust structures according to the load capacities wished by the customer

No fastener on the building structures.

Furnace transfert system

Parts transferring system from an arrival convoyor towards a high temperature furnace

Control system using programmable robots equipped with optical and inductive sensors

Variable speed motorization, synchronized with the process.

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