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Tube cutting station

System allowing to measure, position and cut tubes up to 20 in diameter by 24 ft long

For each mandate, Cosinus initially supports the search for a maximum of data and relevant information concerning a particular field. This approach often makes it possible to bring new technological solutions to a given problem, and also makes it possible to quickly draw up an output budgeting for a particular project. Indeed, an initial process of continuous improvement can prove to be a major innovation process.

R&D Programs

In addition, to the various avenues supporting the profitability of your projects, it is possible to be given subsidies or tax credits for R&D projects, offered by the federal and provincial governments. Moreover, some projects may be admissible to other government programs such as the IRAP program and its many advantages. We are able to offer your business all the necessary support in order to facilitate your steps with the concerned government authorities. Thus, do not hesitate to contact us ; we would be pleased to discuss it with you.

Privileged Approach

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